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Overview and Features for Owners and Operators of Security Guard Companies

Step One – Create your business.

Enter your company name and contact details you can quickly set up your organisation.

Step Two – Add security guards.

Enter the name and email address of each security guard. Each guard will then receive an automated email to download the ODIN Case Management Mobile App from either the Apple or Android app store.

Step Three – Add guarding locations.

Enter the address of each of the locations where a security guard is required to attend. A visual map shows the correct location.

Step Four – Create shifts.

Choose a date range, the locations to be guarded, the number of visits required by a guard at each location, and the guard/s responsible. The security guards will receive this information via their ODIN Case Management Mobile App.

Step Five – Monitor progress.

Via the Management Console, view the location of security guards whilst they are on duty.

Step Six – Generate custom reports.

Create reports based on date ranges and/or locations. These reports show dates and times for security guarding activities. They show Case ID’s (and photos where taken) for any investigative activity. Update Case ID’s where new information has come to light. Your clients will appreciate this accurate record of activity for their location.

Overview and Features for Security Guards

Step One – Provide your employer with your email address.

This allows them to set you up in their system.

Step Two – Download the ODIN Case Management Mobile App.

You will receive an email from your employer with instructions on how to download the ODIN Case Management Mobile App from either the Apple or Android app store (this is a free download). Upon first log in you will be prompted to create a fresh password.

Step Three – View your shifts.

Your shift dates, times and locations are listed in order allowing you to manage your time and prepare for duty.

Step Four – Start shift.

At the beginning of each shift you will be prompted by the app. You will see the number of locations which require guarding duties and the number of times you have to visit each location. A map will show you directions to each location.

Step Five – Start recording your activity.

At each location you can ‘tap in’ when you arrive and ‘tap out’ when you leave via the app. You can create case notes and take photos of your activity as required.

Step Six – Finish shift.

Complete your shift via the app with the knowledge all your activity has been recorded. Case notes have their own ID assigned allowing you to update information at a later date if necessary. View upcoming shifts and locations.